10Pool is a game that allows players to choose squares in a 10 x 10 grid. You set the rules.

Getting started

  • Sign in or sign up.
  • Create or join a pool.
  • Click the Choose Squares button to select squares.
  • After choosing squares click the Save My Squares button to save your selections.
    • Squares are available on a first come, fist served basis.
    • Once the pool is locked, no other square selections can be made.
  • Discard My Squares will discard all of your squares, including your saved squares.
  • Rules will show the rules set by the pool owner.
  • Close Pool will close the current pool.


  • Click the Generate Top Numbers button to start the random number generator. Click it again to stop. This applies to the Generate Down Numbers button also.
  • Owners can make any number of players managers of the pool.
  • Managers can do all an owner can except change the pool password, change player roles and deactivate the pool.

v1.0.0 Beta

© 2014-2016 Created by Anthony Woodard